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FUSE-AI supports German pharmacies in digitization


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FUSE-AI supports German pharmacies in digitization

04.07.2022 / 07:01

Xlife Sciences’ (SIX: XLS) project company FUSE-AI has been appointed as strategic partner in the field of digitization by the pharmacy associations and federations of all 16 German federal states. FUSE-AI and the service provider GEDISA (Gesellschaft für digitale Services der Apotheken), which is owned by these associations and federations, have agreed on a close and cooperative partnership for this purpose.

Within this cooperation, various services are to be conceptualized and developed based on artificial intelligence (AI), which will lead to an improvement in the quality of care in the pharmacy sector. These services include, for example, analysis tools – especially in the context of early detection and elimination of supply bottlenecks – but also supporting systems within the scope of the diverse service offerings at the physical pharmacy points of sale.

Matthias Steffen, CEO of FUSE-AI, says: “We are pleased to be able to support the teams in the on-site pharmacies in their digital workflows and thus actively contribute to improving the quality of supply with medicines. To this end, we are providing GEDISA with our proven AI backbone, which has been continuously refined over the past four years, thus providing the basis for the AI-supported software solutions we will develop”.

Sören Friedrich, CEO of GEDISA, comments, “The guiding principle of FUSE-AI is to offer medical professionals a second opinion in diagnosis via the use of AI to increase the medical quality of medical services. GEDISA's aspiration for the collaboration is to leverage and implement this experience for the benefit of pharmacists”.


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