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Unternehmen: EasyMotionSkin Tec AG
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Anlass der Studie: Management Interview Empfehlung: BUY
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Analyst: Matthias Greiffenberger, Marcel Schaffer

There is a lot of movement at EasyMotionSkin Tec AG - a sales expansion, expansion of the management team and a possible company acquisition. We talked about the details with Jürgen Baltes, President of the Board of Directors and Managing Director, of EasyMotionSkin Tec AG.  
EasyMotionSkin offers a sophisticated EMS training system known as the 'world's smallest gym', accessible to beginners and athletes alike. The EMS suit is equipped with patented dry electrodes that stimulate up to 90% of the body's muscles with low-frequency electrical pulses. This leads to increased oxygen uptake, performance enhancement, optimal training effects and regeneration.  
GBC AG: Before we discuss the latest developments, perhaps a brief introduction of the products for investors and readers who are not yet familiar with EasyMotionSkin. What products does EasyMotionSkin offer and what advantages do the EMS training systems offer users compared to conventional training equipment? How does the EasyMotionSkin solution differ from other EMS providers?
Jürgen Baltes: EasyMotionSkin offers an innovative EMS training system that is ideal for both training and regeneration. As a tech company, we also offer an easy-to-use app that allows users to choose from different programmes. Whether fat burning, endurance or recovery - the body muscles are highly effectively stimulated with low-frequency current pulses in our high-tech training suit. Our product range is aimed at everyone who wants to lead a healthier and fitter life. Studies prove the positive effects, which include muscle building, a purified body, better body tension, optimised recovery and generally more vitality and performance. We see ourselves as a premium brand, are Made in Germany and address customers in both the B2C and B2B sectors with our EMS training system - primarily in the DACH region, but also globally.
GBC AG: Most recently EasyMotionSkin published that market expectations are being met. So the strategy seems to be working. Now a change in strategy has also been published. In addition to the classic one-time sale, a subscription and rental model is to be offered. How did the strategy change come about and which customers are to be addressed? Jürgen Baltes: It is not so much a change as a sales expansion, an extension. Up to now, we have mainly relied on classic one-off sales, but now we are adding subscription and rental variants to the range.  
The new subscription and rental models can now be used - in addition to fitness studios, physio and health facilities - by businesses from the hotel, tourism, beauty and cosmetics sectors. Subscription and rental solutions are customer-friendly offers that are well received in the B2B segment. They are easy to calculate and can be integrated effortlessly into one's own business. Our customers can thus create an uncomplicated entry into new or additional business and generate regular income without tying up capital. We as a company will profit from the recurring revenues.  
GBC AG: In addition to the adjusted strategy, a personnel change was also published. How is the management team changing?  
Jürgen Baltes: The strategic expansion was accompanied by a personnel change on 01 March 2023. Christian Keck (54), an internationally experienced sales professional and entrepreneur with responsibility for sales and marketing, was recruited to take on the role of Board of Directors of the public limited company and Managing Director of the GmbH. The previous member of the board of directors, Michael Spitznagel, will now devote himself exclusively to the expansion of the franchise concept as managing director of BodyClub24 GmbH.
GBC AG: The EasyMotionSkin solution is an exciting opportunity for companies to provide occupational health management. How could this concept be designed and what advantages does this offer companies?  
Jürgen Baltes: With the EasyMotionSkin training system, companies can offer their employees state-of-the-art possibilities for fitness training and health promotion within the framework of company health management. Only recently, a study was published by the Sana Heart Centre in Cottbus that shows our EMS training to be a highly effective measure within the framework of occupational health management and clearly confirms the positive effects, such as more muscle strength, significantly less back pain, an improvement in performance and generally a (re-)entry into a healthier, more active lifestyle.
We are noticing growing interest in this area on the part of companies. Fewer days of absence, high-performing employees and ultimately also the positioning as an innovative and attractive employer are just some of the advantages of this fiscally interesting measure for companies.  
GBC AG: A highlight last year was that the EasyMotionSkin suit was also part of the ISS space mission 'Cosmic Kiss'. Will there be a follow-up mission and what was the result of the last space mission?  
Jürgen Baltes: Participation in the ESA space mission 'Cosmic Kiss' was certainly an accolade for our EMS training system. The German astronaut Matthias Maurer - under the scientific direction of the Charité Berlin - successfully trained on the ISS with EasyMotionSkin against muscle atrophy and bone loss. Fortunately, there are currently talks concerning future space projects. I am not allowed to say more at this point.  
GBC AG: EasyMotionSkin is currently looking into the acquisition of BodyClub 24 GmbH. How did this come about and what exactly does BodyClub 24 do? What added value can be achieved through the takeover?  
Jürgen Baltes: The BodyClub offers attractive EMS training with the BodyClub app, which enables synchronised training - that is, training exercises and impulses are optimally coordinated. Potential operators are offered a ready-to-use and future-oriented franchise concept that offers entrepreneurs, investors, career changers as well as founders a promising business with an established premium brand in the upscale fitness market.  
Integrating the BodyClub into EasyMotionSkin Tec AG is a sensible measure from which both sides can benefit in the long term. With its own franchise model in the company, EasyMotionSkin will of course remain a system supplier in the future, obtain additional point of sale locations in the core market and will generate new sales potential through scaling effects. Our product will be expanded with first-class video content to animated trainings and thus we address a new target group that particularly values this offer.
The 'EasyMotionSkin BodyClub' in turn - that would be the future name - should be happy about additional manpower, resources and infrastructure - and thus about more marketing effects, reputation and efficiency in product and system development.
GBC AG: Finally, a brief outlook. Where do you see the company in 5 years?  
Jürgen Baltes: The company will continue on its chosen path. We are focusing on a strong expansion in the B2B area - especially through strategic partnerships with strong players in the market who want to enter into synergies with our premium brand and offer or transport our highly effective training technology. This will open up new target groups and market segments for us.
With the expansion of the sales strategy, we are anchoring ourselves more strongly in existing and new market segments. Marketing measures such as those as sponsor of the German Hockey Association and the bobsleigh team around Hansi Lochner ensure broad-based awareness. Scientific research results such as the successful participation in the ESA space mission 'Cosmic Kiss' or the Sana Heart Centre study prove the effectiveness and tangibly ensure acceptance and appreciation.  
GBC AG: Thank you very much for the interview.  

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