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Original-Research: elumeo SE - von NuWays AG

Einstufung von NuWays AG zu elumeo SE

Unternehmen: elumeo SE
ISIN: DE000A11Q059

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Empfehlung: BUY
seit: 02.02.2024
Kursziel: 5.00
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Analyst: Mark-Hendrik Schüssler

Progress & outlook on jooli. Launched in the Indian market to capitalize on both lower customer acquisition
costs and and a trove of data needed to enhance the app's algorithm, jooli has already witnessed a
considerable boost in order volume (+560% in December vs. the previous month), aided by
jooliPay. While first KPIs are promising, they are not yet meaningful, and hence we do not expect material
top or bottom line contributions from jooli before 2026e, leading us to adjust our estimates accordingly.
FY'23e preview & long-term growth. As we expect Q4 sales to be burdened by the muted consumer
sentiment witnessed over the last quarters, and hence softer-than-expected revenues from the holiday
season, we trimmed our estimates: Q4 sales are now seen to come in at c. € 11.3m (flat yoy), implying
sales of € 44.7m for the full year (-3% yoy; eNuW old: € 45.3m), largely driven by a lower average sales
price of € 67 (-7% yoy) as customers postpone big ticket items sales, and only partial recovery of items
sold to 168k (+7% yoy). While the weaker-than-expected top line will likely be affected by a weaker-thanexpected top line, the company's cost cutting program should continue to bear fruit and thus partially offset a lacking fixed cost coverage. EBIT should hence run to c. € -0.13m for Q4'23
(+89% yoy) and c. € -1.2m for the full year (+17% yoy; eNuW old: € -0.8m).

Convertible bond financing. In Q4'23, elumeo was able to secure a favorable 5-year convertible debt
financing of c. € 1.2m at a 3.8% interest rate from selected suppliers of the company. The out-of-themoney
strike price (€ 4.50) along with the belowthe-market interest rate provide elumeo with a cash infusion
that should give elumeo room to maneuver and to focus on its long-term growth initiative #juwelo100.

The outlook for the long term remains bright. As the company prepares jooli for a successful roll-out
in its European markets, elumeo's core business is well-positioned to capitalize on an eventual recovery
of the jewelry and overall e-commerce market, with sales prices and items sold likely to recover to their
historical means. Overall, elumeo looks set to grow sales by 7% CAGR to c. € 55m by FY'26e along with
reaching a healthy EBIT margin of c. 3% in FY'26e (eNuW), supported by scale efficiencies. Mind you,
that positive effects stemming from the jooli roll-out are not reflected in our estimates.

BUY with a changed PT of € 5.00 based on DCF.

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  2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023e
Umsatzerlöse1 67,56 51,12 44,09 42,42 50,68 45,84 45,39
EBITDA1,2 -0,01 -17,49 -2,13 1,22 2,93 -0,46 -1,97
EBITDA-Marge3 -0,01 -34,21 -4,83 2,88 5,78 -1,00
EBIT1,4 -1,60 -18,43 -2,35 0,29 1,98 -1,40 -2,85
EBIT-Marge5 -2,37 -36,05 -5,33 0,68 3,91 -3,05 -6,28
Jahresüberschuss1 -6,04 -27,40 -2,60 0,15 9,24 -3,33 -3,26
Netto-Marge6 -8,94 -53,60 -5,90 0,35 18,23 -7,26 -7,18
Cashflow1,7 -4,70 -6,29 0,78 2,43 1,19 -1,42 -0,09
Ergebnis je Aktie8 -1,10 -4,98 -0,47 0,03 1,68 -0,60 -0,20
Dividende8 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00 0,00
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Wirtschaftsprüfer: Mazars

WKN Kurs in € Einschätzung Börsenwert in Mio. €
A11Q05 2,440 Halten 13,85
KGV 2025e KGV 10Y-Ø BGFL-Ratio Shiller-KGV
27,11 4,17 6,51 -2,56
1,72 - 0,31 -6,93
Dividende '22 in € Dividende '23e in € Div.-Rendite '23e
in %
0,00 0,00 0,00 21.06.2024
Q1-Zahlen Q2-Zahlen Q3-Zahlen Bilanz-PK
13.05.2024 14.08.2024 14.11.2024 30.04.2024
Abstand 60Tage-Linie Abstand 200Tage-Linie Performance YtD Performance 52 Wochen
4,01% -4,50% -9,63% -3,94%
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