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Company Name: EasyMotionSkin Tec AG
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Analyst: Matthias Greiffenberger, Marcel Schaffer

EasyMotionSkin revolutionizes the fitness experience with cutting-edge technology
EasyMotionSkin presents itself as the 'world's smallest gym' and is aimed at both fitness novices and experienced athletes with an advanced EMS training system. The innovative technology uses patented dry electrodes within a special EMS suit to activate up to 90% of the muscles using low-frequency electrical impulses. This not only promotes increased oxygen uptake and performance, but also enables optimum training results and efficient regeneration. The development of this trademarked high-tech product is based on the expert knowledge of a leading German cardiologist and is supported by scientific studies that prove its positive effects. As a premium product 'Made in Germany', EasyMotionSkin represents a milestone in the digitalization of the fitness sector and is continuously expanding its portfolio with innovative product solutions. The company is thus positioning itself as a pioneer of a future-oriented technology provider in the global health and lifestyle segment.  
GBC AG: Could you give us a brief summary of what distinguishes EasyMotionSkin and what the company's mission is?  
EasyMotionSkin Tec AG: With its established fitness brands EasyMotionSkin, milon and FIVE, EasyMotionSkin Tec AG has evolved from an innovative fitness system manufacturer to a future-oriented tech company in the international health and lifestyle sector. Technological and thematic leadership, the use of digitalization and the comprehensive range of efficient training systems including hardware and software make EasyMotionSkin the preferred partner for fitness providers and customers worldwide. With expertise, innovation and commitment, EasyMotionSkin Tec AG and its fitness brands are dedicated to the goal of sustainably promoting and maintaining the health, performance and vitality of its customers.  
GBC AG: How does EasyMotionSkin focus on innovation to differentiate itself in a constantly evolving market? Are there any current projects or technologies that you are particularly proud of?  
EasyMotionSkin Tec AG: EasyMotionSkin Tec AG's mission is to advance the healthcare industry by providing products and services that are leading in terms of topics and technology.
We are especially proud of our collaboration with the Austrian Space Forum. EasyMotionSkin is the official outfitter of the AMADEE-24 MARS ANALOG MISSION, a Mars simulation planned for March 2024 in Armenia. The expedition is an authentic test run for astronautical exploration of the Red Planet. A crew of analog astronauts wearing prototype spacesuits will conduct experiments in preparation for future Mars exploration missions. As a provider of innovative training systems, the collaboration with the Austrian Space Forum is a recognition of our quality and effectiveness - and it also means being part of an ambitious space project that will bring humanity much closer to Mars.
Prolonged weightlessness causes muscle and bone loss, similar to osteoporosis. The EasyMotionSkin EMS training system helps prevent muscle atrophy and the resulting bone loss in weightlessness.  
EasyMotionSkin was already part of the DLR/ESA space mission COSMIC KISS in 2021 and 2022 and flew to the ISS with German ESA astronaut Matthias Maurer aboard SpaceX's Crew Dragon. Maurer trained with the EasyMotionSkin training system both during the preparation phase and on the ISS.  
Whether on earth or in space - EasyMotionSkin has an extraordinary and high quality unique selling point.
GBC AG: How do you assess the current trends in the industry, and what challenges does EasyMotionSkin possibly see in the coming years?  
EasyMotionSkin Tec AG: We see a global trend toward a holistic approach. People want to take responsibility for managing their health, fitness, performance and aesthetics according to their preferences and needs. The boundaries between wellness, activity, longevity and beauty are becoming increasingly blurred, and responding to customer needs and behaviors will be part of the challenge of the future. Those who can anticipate this trend and serve it with a high-quality portfolio of products and services will be able to further develop the industry and win customers as long-term partners.
GBC AG: How is EasyMotionSkin adapting to the changing needs of customers? What measures does the company take to maintain or increase customer satisfaction?
EasyMotionSkin Tec AG: We see ourselves as a partner to our customers, take our role as a leading designer and developer seriously, and have our finger on the pulse of the times by thinking and working with a strong focus on the future and anticipation, especially in this phase. In many ways, we see ourselves as a first mover.
GBC AG: To what extent does EasyMotionSkin attach importance to sustainability and social responsibility? Are there any specific initiatives or practices that can be highlighted in this regard?  
EasyMotionSkin Tec AG: Sustainability plays a decisive role at EasyMotionSkin, especially since our business purpose is already committed to sustainability: to enable people to enjoy health, fitness, performance, mental strength and joie de vivre for as long as possible.  
Of course, economic and ecological sustainability are also important in our day-to-day business. We live up to our social responsibility by supporting numerous aid projects, but also by providing know-how and services to a number of athletes with disabilities or after injuries. GBC AG: How does EasyMotionSkin assess the current competitive environment, and what strategies is the company pursuing to remain successful in the face of competition?
EasyMotionSkin Tec AG: We are currently investing a great deal of know-how and manpower in future-oriented concepts, especially in the area of customer acquisition and long-term customer loyalty - by supporting people individually in achieving their goals and increasingly offering well-designed systems for everyday life.  
GBC AG: Are there any plans for further expansion of EasyMotionSkin?  
EasyMotionSkin Tec AG: Our growth strategy and international expansion remain intact and are being continuously pursued - whether with in-house developments or targeted acquisitions to expand the company, whether with new sales partners for an expanded product range, also internationally. We are successful in Europe and in many other countries - and we still have a lot of potential worldwide.
GBC AG: Thank you very much for the interview.

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